Eye-Fi Mobi Card, Now Available In 32GB


You too can take pictures of kids doing yoga with the new Eye-Fi Mobi.
You too can take pictures of kids doing yoga with the new Eye-Fi Mobi.

Eye-Fi has just added a new 32GB model to its Mobi card lineup. This means that you can now shoot for days and then, when you decide to transfer all those photos to your iPad, iPhone or Mac, sit for another few days as the pictures are sent across via Wi-Fi.

I kid. Kinda. The Mobi cards are excellent, the best way that Eye-Fi offers to add Wi-Fi to your camera. It is way easier to set up than the older cards, requiring almost no work on your part, with the result that your pictures can be sent from your camera to the iOS app as you shoot.

But I do wonder who needs a 32GB version. The existing 8GB ($50) and 16GB ($80) models would seem to be plenty if you are transferring your shots regularly, and if you’re planning on shooting a lot of photos without using the Wi-Fi capabilities, it would seem you could buy a very fast SD card for less, avoiding the battery drain of the Eye-Fi, and use the camera connection kit to quickly transfer them when needed. Then again, maybe you want to send everything to your iPad while on location and save a backup on the SD card until you get back to your Mac.

Whatever. You can buy the new Eye-Fi from today.

Source: Eye-Fi
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