Swipe Those iOS 7 Safari Tabs Away [iOS Tips]


Swipe Safari

The new mobile Safari app built in to iOS 7 has a whole new multi-windowed interface, which allows for a near limitless number of windows that you can open at once. Simply hit the icon in the far right-hand bottom corner to bring up the “tabs” interface, and then tap the big central Plus button to add a new page to the list.

But what about closing those windows? They’ve got an X icon in the upper left of each tab/window, but the X is super tiny, and not always easy to tap. Sometimes I end up activating a window instead of closing it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead of aiming your large human-sized fingers at a tiny digital X icon, try swiping the page you want to get rid of to the left. This is a much easier way of getting rid of the excess window cruft from your mobile Safari.

I was only able to swipe one window away at a time, though, so don’t plan on swiping a bunch at once like you can with the new iOS 7 multitasking system.

Now you can focus on getting rid of those 22 wikipedia pages about Pug wrestling and get on with your mobile internet surfing.

Via: TechCrunch