Photographer Took iPhone 5S To Patagonia Instead OF DSLR, ‘Didn’t Regret It One Bit’


Speaking of iPhone cameras being awesome, photographer Austin Mann is so taken with the quality of his new 5S that he left his regular work DSLR at home. And Austin wasn’t just taking the dog out for a walk. He was taking a trip to Patagonia.

“After a full week of testing the iPhone 5S in Patagonia I’m beyond impressed with what it can do” writes Austin on his blog. Of course he includes lots of comparison shots (showing that it doesn’t matter what camera you use if you have an eye), but the really interesting stuff is in his words, as he tells us how the new hardware/software features work in real life.

The panorama mode gets a mention (as you’d expect after a trip to Patagonia) for it’s new dynamic metering which tweaks the exposure for each section of the pano as you shoot. Also mentioned is burst mode. This is normally thought of as a way to catch action, but it’s equally suited to portraits, letting you catch the perfect expression, and group shots, where you can dump the frames containing the blinkers.

It goes on, and you should read the lot. There’s even video, so you can see the action for yourself. I was certain I wouldn’t get an iPhone 5S, but stuff like this is making it harder and harder to hold out. Especially when Austin says something like this:

This iPhone 5S beats out the 5 in every camera test and in many ways I prefer it to my DSLR. Sure it has its pros & cons… but for the first time ever, I didn’t bring my Canon 1DX and I didn’t regret it one bit. That’s saying a lot.

Source: Austin Mann