iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Finally Approved For China Mobile


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Further evidence to suggest that the new iPhones are almost ready for their long-awaited debut on China Mobile — the world’s largest carrier — has surfaced today after both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c gained regulatory approval for the carrier’s TD-LTE network.

TENAA, the Chinese equivalent of the FCC, has approved both devices for use on TD-LTE networks — and given that China Mobile is the only carrier that uses that type of technology (China Unicom and China Telecom use CDMA variants), it seems almost certain that the devices will soon be available on China Mobile.

Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone.

We’ve been waiting for the new iPhones to hit China Mobile since they were announced back in September. China Mobile officials have confirmed on several occasions that the company has been in talks with Apple to support its latest devices, and The Wall Street Journal confirmed in early September that a deal had been reached.

The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c are the first iPhones that deliver support for China Mobile’s unique wireless technologies, which is pretty surprising, given that the carrier serves more than 800 million subscribers. And now that they have the necessary regulatory approval, Apple’s announcement should be imminent.

Source: TENAA

Via: Engadget

  • Market_Mayhem

    The only thing I really find odd is how come a company like Samsung can get approval from China Mobile within a couple of weeks and it’s taken well over a year for the iPhone to be approved. Apple seems to do everything at a snail’s pace. One might think that with Apple’s vast resources they should have less of a problem than even local Chinese smartphone manufacturers. I do realize that Apple refuses to build iPhones tailored only for specific markets, so one model has to fit every country’s requirements. No other large manufacturer does what Apple does. Most companies would simply build a smartphone specifically for China Mobile and be done with it.