AT&T Is Completely Doing Away With Traditional Data Plans For New Customers


Unlimited data's about to get a bit more pricey.
Unlimited data's about to get a bit more pricey.
Photo: Apple

Today AT&T announced that it will be completely doing away with traditional data plans for new customers on October 25th. The carrier has been transitioning to its pooled, “Mobile Share” plan options since it introduced them last summer.

New and existing customers have still been able to choose from a Mobile Share plan or a traditional data package, but that luxury will be gone for new customers in two weeks.

AT&T says that Mobile Share is already the most popular plan option for new customers, and that the new policy reflects what people already want. “Our customers have expressed an overwhelming preference for simplified options that allow them to share data across multiple devices,” said the company. Existing customers won’t have to switch to a Mobile Share plan the next time they upgrade—at least not yet.

Mobile Share starts at $70 per month for a smartphone with unlimited talk/text and a measly 300MB of data, and you can add other lines to the plan for an additional, per-device fee.

Verizon also requires that new customers choose from one of its “Share Everything” plans.

Source: AT&T