Samsung Ripped Off Apple’s Original iPhone Ad For Galaxy Gear Launch [Video]



What’d Samsung ripoff from Apple this week? Well, you may have heard that the Galaxy Gear just dropped a few days ago. The reviews have been less than stellar, but to promote its smartwatch Samsung released a commercial that looks a whole lot similar to the very first iPhone commercial Apple dropped at the Oscars in 2007.

The original iPhone ad featured tons of famous movie scenes with someone picking up a phone and saying “hello,” and then a shot of the iPhone was finally shown at the end. Samsung has taken inspiration from Apple and released their own take but all the scenes are people using smartwatches like in Star Trek, Predator, and Inspector gadget.

Take a look a look for yourself and tell us what you think:

iPhone – Hello – 2007

Galaxy Gear – A Long Time Coming – 2013

At this point, it seems pretty obvious that Samsung wants consumers to draw parallels between them and Apple. And why not? The company clearly sees itself as the successor to Apple’s hardware throne, and the company believes the Galaxy Gear will truly be as revolutionary as the iPhone. Too bad the product doesn’t live up to the hype though.

  • rsbell


  • scatteredthings

    Interestingly I find the selection and editing of the Samsung clips better. I do find it a bit of a stretch to say they copied Apple. Apple’s clips demonstrate the evolution of the phone, culminating in the iPhone. Samsung’s clips showcase the many imaginary wrist communicators from TV and film. Unfortunately, their entry isn’t nearly as useful as those they show.

  • MrBilly

    No, that’s NOTHING like Apple’s commercial at all. Purely original.

    Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah.

  • Robert X

    Just stop at “Samsuck ripped off Apple”…no need to say more.

  • Jdsonice

    Ah! Did you expect anything more from Samsung? You have to admit they have good tastes. Teh bad is that they cheat steal and screw anyone to make a buck. In other words a typical ……

  • markymac

    The other Galaxy commercial, with the black background and audio quotes, is much better than this one. My only issue is that the black background and subtle lighting seem to be hiding just how bulky the watch actually is.

    But yes, this commercial does reek of Apple’s genius hello commercial. Actually, Apple’s 5C commercial is reminiscent of the “hello” commercial and just as good.

    Not that any of this clever marketing will actually make a difference. Since it’s only compatible with the Note 3 and no ETA of when it’ll be compatible with the S3 or S4, I don’t see many people spending $300 on what amounts to a sidecar for a phablet.

  • lwdesign1

    “Hardware-thrown” — I think you mean “hardware throne”. Even though these two words are pronounced the same, they have distinctly different meanings. It’s scary that this obvious word misusage was missed.

  • RealNeal

    On par for SAMDUNG!

  • ChrisPawOU

    Honestly I don’t care for Galaxy Gear (mainly because it’s limited to Samsung devices only) but I would still love to be able to answer my phone on my wrist even if it was just a few times for nostalgia sake. Now all we need to do is make are cars smart enough to talk to us lmfao

  • RickL

    “as the successor to Apple’s hardware-thrown,” yikes, this guy’s a paid contributor??? lmao@thrown. It’s THRONE, hack.