Netflix 5 Adds Proper AirPlay And HD Video



Netflix 5 brings HD video and AirPlay to iPads running iOS 7. You may have thought you had HD video streaming to your retina iPad, but you didn’t. 5 fixes that, and it also lets you throw your TV shows and movies up onto your big screen via Apple TV with native AirPlay streaming.

The new app’s biggest deal is probably HD streaming, which is not the same (as far as I can tell) as the new Super HD streaming. Super HD requires that your ISP be signed up to support it, and sends 1080p video over the wire.

Your iPad, then, is getting old-style, 720p HD, which is still plenty good enough for your iPad or iPhone.

Proper AirPlay is also a nice addition. Previously you could mirror the iPad’s screen to an Apple TV, but now you can do it properly, which has the added advantage of letting you sleep the iPad while it’s working. Why bother when your Apple TV already has a Netflix app? Why indeed? I guess it makes it easier to switch back and forth between screens if you’re walking around and , uh, trying to stay awake while you watch Prometheus to the end.

The app is available now, free.

Source: App Store

  • Adrayven

    The reason is simple. Say I go over to my friends or family. They have an Apple TV but no netflix.. I don’t want to setup my account on there system, so I just Airplay.. Or I’m at school or work, and they have an Apple TV there.. same deal. Makes it easy to pop it on in locations you otherwise wouldn’t want your account directly setup.

  • airflake

    According to Cult of Mac’s own article – Netflix started offering SuperHD to all customers regardless of ISP a couple of weeks ago: