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Pre-Order Baldur’s Gate II For The Mac, Coming November 15


Baldur's Gate II Screen

Oh, that Baldur, always leaving his Gate open for demons to walk through and attack the world. Silly Baldur.

Developer Beamdog, along with Atari and Overhaul Games, announced pre-purchasing for the upcoming Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, coming to Mac and PC November 15, 2013, and iOS and Android “soon.” The sequel to last year’s successful Baldur’s Gate will run you $24.95 for the full HD resolution and remastered art from the original game, which released in September of 2000, quickly becoming “the most celebrated Dungeon’s & Dragons … game of its time,” currently sitting at a Metacritic score of 95.

There’s a new gameplay trailer, as well, which you can see below.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition will include both the Shadows of Amn (the original title) and the Throne of Bhaal, an expansion to the game. You’ll also get four new allies for your party, each with their own unique quests, adding a ton of content to an already pretty deep game. In addition, the team has added The Black Pits 2: Gladiators of Thay, an arena battle challenge area.

“We are thrilled that our partners at Beamdog have confirmed a date for the rerelease of what many people consider one of the greatest RPGs ever on PC, (Baldur’s Gate II),” said Wizards of the Coast’s Nathan Stewart. “As we continue to expand our world-class storytelling on digital platforms, it is great to bring this classic to new devices and share the rich fantasy of D&D with new fans.”

You’ll be able to pre-load the game (via a Beamdog client or an upcoming standalone installer) when you pre-purchase it, letting you get instant access when the servers go live on November 15.

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