The Best Steve Jobs Tributes Across The Globe



Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011, but his influence is sure to be felt for decades to come. As such, many artists across the globe have created mural, statues, paintings and other tributes to Steve Jobs and his amazing contributions to the tech world.

More statues and works of art are in the works for the man who revolutionized the personal computers, music, animation, smartphones and tablets, but here are some of the best coolest Steve Jobs memorials we’ve found.

Inventions of Steve Jobs – Exhibit at WIPO


The United States Patent Office Museum in Alexandria, Virginia created a monument of 30 gigantic iPhones to celebrate the 300 patents held by Steve Jobs. Each iPhone displayed 12 of Jobs’ patents certificates. The exhibit aimed to display the far-reaching impact of Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurship and innovation on our daily lives, while also serving as an example of the role intellectual property plays in the global marketplace.

Wax Model of Steve Jobs at Madame Tussauds


Madame Tussauds Wax Mueseums are renowned for their life-like representations of famous celebrities, so to mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death, the Hong Kong branch unveiled a wax statue of his Steveness himself. The  wax figure was modeled after the photos taken for his iconic Fortune Magazine cover in 2006.

To create this wax figure of a cutting-edge technologist, sculptors used methods that have been around for over 200 years, rather than embracing modern methods that remove a sculptor’s ability to manipulate each aspect of the design personally. The estimated cost of the figure is just under $200,000.

Steve Jobs Statue in Budapest


Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth unveiled his 6 1/2 feet tall bronze statue of Steve Jobs a few months after he passed away in 2011. The statue was commissioned by Gabor Bojar, founder of Hungarian software company Graphisoft. Steve Jobs and Bojar actually had a history of working together that stretched back to 1984, when Jobs came across Bojar’s software and was impressed enough to help the fledgling company out with cash and computers.

Interactive Jobs Memorial in St. Petersburg, Russia


If you happen to wander into the courtyard of St. Petersburg’s National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (quite the mouthful), you will now find a giant iPhone. The monument stands about as tall as a fully grown man and a huge screen displays photos, videos and text about the late Apple co-founder.

The monument was unveiled to the public after the Progress IT Fund held a competition last year to see who would design the tribute. The winner was designed by Gleb Tarasov and named “Sunny QR Code.” The name refers to a QR code on the monument itself that links to a memorial website for Jobs. Not sure what the “Sunny” stands for.

Steve Jobs Monument in Odessa, Ukraine


Crafted by Ukranian artist, Cryil Maksimenko, the monument was installed in Odessa, Ukraine on the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death.  The hand features an Apple logo in the middle and is comprised of numerous gears, screws, bearings and other pieces from bicycles, motorcycles and cars, which took over a year to fashion together.  Pretty fascinating when you look at it up close.

A Post-It Note Memorial Portrait of Steve Jobs at the Munich Apple Store


In the wake of his death, thousands of admirers flocked to Apple Stores across the globe and wrote their thanks to Steve on Post-It notes. A team of Apple fans took their tribute a bit further by creating this Steve Jobs portrait comprised of 4,001 stickies on the glass facade of an Apple Store in Munich, Germany.

The Steve Jobs Building at Pixar


Steve Jobs is mostly associated with Apple, but before he made his triumphant return to Apple and introduced the iPod, Jobs poured millions of his own money into Pixar. By keeping the company financially shored, John Lasseter and his team of animators were able to change movies forever with hit after animated hit. Now, Jobs has a permanent home on Pixar’s campus now that the studio’s main building has been renamed in his honor.

Graffiti Mural of Jobs in Buenos Aries


Mario Calvo created this Steve Jobs graffiti portrait in tribute to Steve Jobs’ legacy. The mural is located on the front of an advertising agency in Palermo district of Buenos Aries Argentina and took more then five days to paint.

Steve’s star at the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame at MIT


Modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame at Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, opened for the first time in 2011. Included among the seven inaugural inductees were Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Bill Hewlett, David Packard, Bob Swanson, Bill Gates and Mitch Kapor.

Steve Jobs Avenue in Jundiai, Brazil


The small city of Jundiai is located near São Paulo, honored Steve Jobs by renaming one of its streets ‘Steve Jobs Ave.’ The street’s name isn’t the town’s only tie to Apple though. The avenue is the route that connects the small city to Brazil’s largest city — Sao Paulo, where Apple supplier Foxconn opened a iPhone assembly plant and is home to Foxconn’s new iPad plant, too.

Recreation of Steve Jobs Time cover made of apples


Artist Olivier Lefebvre created this Steve Jobs tribute by using over 3,500 apples to recreate one of Steve Jobs’ portraits from Time magazine.  The enormous portrait is 22 feet tall by 15 feet wide. Olivier brought in crates of deer apples and used a 2’x2′ grid system to guide his creation. The project took about 50 hours to complete and was left intact after completion but the orchard’s three resident deer eventually ate the remains.

“Bad Apples Spoil The Bunch” in Cincinnati


At some point between the time Steve passed away on October 5th and the morning of October 6th, a mural celebrating his life was created in a local neighborhood.  The original art on the wall originally read ‘Bad Apples Spoil the Bunch’ but it was changed to read ‘Good Apples Better The Bunch’ with a picture of the 80s Apple Icon.

Pixar’s Steve Jobs Tree


Not only did Pixar decide to name its main building after Steve Jobs, but if you wander the campus grounds you’ll come across this tree in front of the Steve Jobs Building which was also dedicated to Steve Jobs by John Lasseter and the rest of the employees at Pixar.