Change Your iPhone’s Default Browser Option In Mailbox App [iOS Tips]


Mailbox Browser

Update: Mailbox developers emailed us today to let us know that the option to change default browsers is indeed in version 1.6.2, but only appears if you have Chrome installed. Hooray!

One of the biggest complaints about Apple’s iOS is the inability to decide which apps will open when you click links like website URLs and email addresses. Being able to change the default web browser, or the default mail application, would be a fantastic addition to an already great operating system, iOS 7.

Until then, though, we have to use mobile Safari, and Apple’s Mail app, at least when we click through to a link on Twitter or in an email.

The developers of the Mailbox app included a little feature that–when using the Mailbox app at least–will let you choose a different browser for any web URLs you click through to. Unfortunately, it only seems to hold true for an earlier version of Mailbox, 1.5.0, instead of the current version 1.6.2. We’ve emailed the Mailbox devs to find out where this setting went and why.

If you’re running 1.5.0, still, though, here’s how to enable it.

Launch Mailbox app (available for free in the App Store), and then tap on the three horizontal line icon in the upper left. Then tap on Settings, and scroll down to the bottom of the settings page.

You’ll see an option for Default Browser at the bottom. Tap that, and then switch to any browser that you see in the list, which seems to populate from the browsers you have installed on your iPhone. Now you’ll go to that specified browser whenever you tap a link in an email you’re reading in Mailbox.

Now if we could just figure out where this great feature went in the new app version, we’d be good to go. And we did! See the update up top.

Via: Reddit