Recommendations Coming To Rdio



You know what’s great about Spotify and Rdio? The fact that they both exist, and that they’re both great services. Why? Competition. It’s hard to think of two other arch rivals which are adding great new features to their services so quickly.

Today it’s the turn of Rdio, which has slipped recommendations into its music-streaming service, taking the pressure off you to pick a song for yourself.

The new engine is powered by Echonest, which spins its recommendations from a database of 35 million songs. It’s the same service used by the BBC, Foursquare and – yes – Spotify, so you know you’re at least getting something as good as the competition.

In Rdio, recommendations will take the form of a new sidebar item, and inside you’ll find suggestions for albums, station and playlists. Right now the service is rolling out to the web and desktop, with iOS and Android on the way.

Hopefully it’ll be better than previous recommendation services, which have so far proved useless to me. Maybe I just have fickle tastes, but most music-recommending services get a couple of tracks right and then go off into some crazy clubland pill-music frenzy – usually when I’m far enough away from the pause button to cause me some embarrassment.

Source: Rdio blog