SlowCam Brings 60fps Slo-Mo Video To Older iPhones



Lusting after an iPhone 5S for that sweet slo-mo camera? Don;t worry, because there’s an app that’ll add the same function to your lame old iPhone 5. Well, kinda – it’s not 120fps, but it’s close bad.

The first thing you’l notice when you fire up the app on the iPhone 5 is the frame rate: the camera and screen are updating at what I guess is the same 60fps used to record slo mo footage. This is so clear and smooth it makes the built-in camera look laggy and jerky by comparison, and makes me wonder why Apple doesn’t do it already.

To shoot you just hit the record button, and to zoom you swipe up or down. When you get to a section you want in slow motion, you hit the slo-mo button and hold it down.

The results are great, but unlike the 5S camera you can’t chose the slow section after shooting – you have to do it live. And the entire clip is saved to the camera roll. That said, the slow motion is excellent, and you can add as many slo-mo sections as you want while you shoot, unlike the 5S native app.

I have tried other slo-mo apps from time to time, but they were all confusing or complicated. This one is easy and simple enough to leave on my phone for when it’s needed. Or until I cave and buy a new iPhone 5S I don’t need


Source: iPhoneClan

Thanks: Sylwester!

  • bapebacchanalia

    Seriously? After all these years, you still have to wonder why Apple doesn’t implement simple features that is well within the range of its tech?

  • BrandNewFeel

    No mention of SloPro here? Seems odd – SloPro was the first app to shoot 60fps video on the iPhone 4S and it’s been totally updated for iOS 7. Where’s the love?