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Tower of Fortune 2 Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]


It's all chance, innit?
It's all chance, innit?

Have you ever realized just how much random chance is involved in your favorite video games?

Consider dashing through Diablo III dungeons, mashing buttons and watching your little avatar cut through swathes of demon enemies. Each of those hits is managed by a vast mathematical model in the background, deciding how many hit points each swing of your sword or blast of your magic will take off of each monster in your path.

Tower of Fortune 2, like it’s predecessor, seems like an indie meditation on the RPG genre itself by exposing the mechanics in the background of typical RPGs with the biggest symbol of luck ever: the slot machine.

Instead of mashing buttons to kill the monsters, you’ll tap the Spin button and watch as the slot machine chooses the fate of each encounter. There’s a re-spin mechanic as well, which you’ll need to hit pretty quickly to avoid a poor result. That spin will cost you, though, in increasing amounts of gold.

The whole game is in a nostalgic Game and Watch-style greyscale, with a few bits of color splashed in to good effect. The music is stylish and bit-chip-like, without being too cliche.

Overall, Tower of Fortune 2 is a great game for the one-handed iPhone gamer, letting you fight monsters, drink beer with pretty women, and camp out under the stars all from the comfort of your pocket computer. That’s why Tower of Fortune 2 is our Cult of Mac iOS game of the week.

Tower of Fortune 2 is available as a universal app in the App Store for $1.99.