Apple’s iPhone 5s Case May Be Pricey, But It’s Worth Every Penny [Review]



While we knew almost everything there was to know about the iPhone 5s prior to its official unveiling last week, I don’t think anybody expected Apple to announce a fancy new case to go with it.

PRODUCT by Apple
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
Price: $39.95

The Cupertino company has released an iPad case or cover for every model it has ever made, but this is the first time it has provided first-party iPhone protection since the iPhone 4 Bumper back in 2010. But I’m glad it’s back in the case business.

The new iPhone 5s case — which fits the iPhone 5, too, by the way — is made from soft, premium leather and designed to “look and feel luxurious,” Apple says. It is precision crafted for a tight fit that maintain’s your iPhone’s sleek, slim design, and its microfiber lining promises to protect its aluminum shell from scuffs and scratches.

The case is available in six pretty colors, and it’s priced at $39.95. That’s pretty expensive for a case of this kind, but is it worth it?

The Good

This may just be a case, but it’s clear as soon as you take it out of the box that Apple put just as much love and attention into designing and manufacturing this as it did with the iPhone 5s itself. It feels incredibly soft and smooth, and it looks beautiful.

Apple’s attention to detail is quite incredible.

No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a single seam in the leather — even the transition from leather to microfiber on the inside is clean and attractive. And Apple’s attention to detail here is quite incredible.

The Apple logo that’s stamped into the back of the case is in exactly the same place as the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone, and every single hole in the bottom lines up perfectly with the holes drilled into your iPhone’s aluminum for its speaker and microphone.


The case is tight and fits the iPhone 5s like a glove — you can prod and squeeze it all over and you won’t find even the slightest bit of movement. Apple says it’s designed like this in an effort to maintain your iPhone’s size, and it does. Your iPhone will feel slightly thicker — as you would expect with any case — but it still feels thin and light at the same time.

No one wants a big, bulky case that makes their iPhone fat.

Nobody wants a big, bulky case that makes their iPhone fat — not unless they really, really need one because they’re exceptionally clumsy, or they work in harsh conditions or environments.

Apple’s case is still protective, though. Beneath the leather exterior there’s a hard shell that feels sturdy and robust. Combined with the leather on the outside and the microfiber lining, it will almost certainly prevent your iPhone from being damaged if you drop it. You may graze the luscious leather, though, so don’t be too careless.


The case also covers your iPhone’s volume and sleep/wake buttons to keep them protected, but it leaves the mute switch, Lightning port, and headphone jack exposed for easy access.

The Bad

Perfect holes.
Perfect holes.

Due to its tight fit, the iPhone 5s case needs a firm hand to get your device inside it, and an even firmer one to remove it. It’s probably not the best case to use, then, if you need to keep removing your iPhone for use with a dock. You may be better off with something more flexible.

The other thing I should note is that Apple wasn’t very generous with space around the headphone jack and Lightning port. While its own EarPods and cables fit just fine, not all third-party solutions will. I have two sets of headphones here that don’t, for instance.

The Verdict

Apple’s iPhone 5s case really is beautiful, and the build quality is exactly what you would expect from a premium Apple product. You can’t help but admire the attention to detail Apple has put into it, even though it only sells for $40 — far less than most Apple products.

It may cost $40, but it’s worth every penny.

The case’s tight fit means it’s not too big or heavy, and it is strong enough to provide your iPhone with all the protection it needs against dings and drops. It’s genuinely one of the best-looking, best built cases for iPhone.

It may cost $40, but it’s worth every penny.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 21.55.52
Product Name: iPhone 5s Case
The Good: Premium leather looks and feels fantastic; build quality is great; and it fits like a glove.
The Bad: Slightly difficult to apply and remove; not too friendly with third-party headphone jacks and chargers.
The Verdict: $40 well spent — you’ll love this case.
Buy from: Apple



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