Instagram For iOS 7 Now Available With Redesigned Interface


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Instagram for iOS 7 is finally here. Today the app received its first big update for Apple’s new OS, and the interface has been given a fresh coat of paint to match the iOS 7 aesthetic.

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“With the introduction of iOS 7 and its emphasis on clarity, we were excited to rebuild the look and feel of Instagram in a way that would bring these principles together and let the moments this community captures and shares shine,” said the Instagram team. “We led our redesign with a focus on clarity to keep the feel of Instagram clean, simple and grounded in the photos and videos you discover and share.”

Images and videos now fill the screen from edge to edge, which is a nice design change that makes the content feel more immersive. Another plus of edge-to-edge media viewing is that Instagram now supports higher resolution uploads, so the stuff you shoot won’t look as scaled down.

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Profile pics are now rounded like they are in Apple’s Contacts app. The app’s interior looks iOS 7-friendly for the most part, but the most blatant omission from the redesign is the icon. It hasn’t changed. Instagram told The Verge that “we don’t plan on changing it right now.” That’s a shame because it sticks out like a sore thumb on iOS 7.

Today’s update is a good step forward, but Instagram still needs to tackle support for importing slow-mo videos from the 5s and a redesigned camera interface.

Source: Instagram

Via: The Verge

  • mchcreative

    LinkedIn also updated their app with a flatter design, but it’s not really as noticeable as the Instagram update.

  • copperbum

    yup the icon really stands out on my homescreen

  • Dreezy

    I gave the app a 2 star rating just yesterday because of their blatant disregard for updating the icon. As designers, they should understand that people want their iPhone home screen to look uniform, and most of us want Instagram on our home screen, but it truly looks out of place in a sea of flattened icons. They could easily flatten the icon a bit, and it would still look great. Disappointed that they chose to keep it the same, but what can you expect from a business that depends on mobile devices but hasn’t released an app for the highest selling tablet of all times.