Blue Screen Of Death Plagues iOS 7 iWork Users



Oh, ignoble irony, how bitter your sting. A new bug in iOS 7 that is striking some iWork users is crashing their devices with the fabled Blue Screen of Death.

As described by iPhone In Canada, here’s how to trigger the BSOD crash on your own device.

1. Open any iWork app

2. Within said app, open any existing document

3. Once doc is opened, tap Home button. iPhone INSTANTLY crashes. Blue screen, then automatic reboot.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a new thing: we’ve seen BSODs and even RSODs on iDevices before. iOS 7 is brand spanking new, and there are bound to be bugs, so we’re not making too big of a deal of this. Apple will undoubtedly whisk out a timely fix in no time. We’re more just snickering about the irony: it is just a surreal thing to see an iPhone crash like a Windows computer.

Source: iPhone In Canada