Apple Launches New ‘Greetings’ And ‘Greetings Too’ Ads [Video]


The launch of the iPhone 5c went really well this weekend. So to keep you in remembrance of everything that is holy and fun with the new iPhone 5c, Apple released two new ads this morning showcasing the colorful sides of its iPhone 5c users.

The new ad called “Greetings” zips through a number of scenes of people saying “hello” in different languages on their iPhone 5c. An extended version of the ad was also released and can be viewed below:

  • technochick

    i rather like these. Harkens back to the early ‘hello’ iphone ad. plus it was really fun to see the variety they worked in there with the cosplay girls and the klingons. Cause lets face it, outside of teens this is the group that might find the colors etc appealing.