Gold Fever: The Most Coveted iPhone 5s Selling For Thousands On eBay



The hottest part of this year’s flagship iPhone isn’t a piece of hardware, but a color. Everyone has gold fever. The gold iPhone 5s sold out quicker than any other model in stores, and shipping from the online Apple Store has already been pushed back to October.

Based on the economic model of supply and demand, it is only logical that those who were fortunate enough to snag a gold 5s will then turn around and sell for a ridiculous price. That’s exactly what’s happened.

If you take a look at eBay, you’ll see that there are already 1,500+ listings for the gold 5s, and the average bidding price is quite higher than what Apple charges. The top of the line configurations (64GB off contract) are selling for an upwards of $2,300.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.09.22 PM

The new iPhone scarcity + early bird scalpers = ridiculously high prices equation happens like clockwork every year, but it’s interesting to see it revolve around one particular color this time. Supply for any of the three 5s colors is scare right now, but gold is by far the most in demand. Remember when we all thought a gold iPhone was ridiculous a few months ago?

Via: Business Insider