Retro Phone Handset Actually Pretty For Desk Jockeys



I never make actual phone calls – they’re for people who don’t know how to use the internet. But I used to, and I remember one thing: real telephone handsets are way more comfortable to use than cellphones, especially for long calls.

Which is to say, the POP Desk handset will look great next to your fax machine.

The Pop consists of an old-style handset in a rubbery soft-touch finish, plus an aluminum stand with a grippy pad upon which you can rest your iPhone, keeping it safe from coffee spills. The handset connects to the headphone jack, just like your earbuds, and makes it easier to goof off and check Twitter on your iPhone while you’re on a long conference call to your boss and his stupid bosses.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, but the handsome, pared-back design and the fact that it’s a proper desk tool and not a novelty gizmo make it worth a look. It’s also just $50, which you can no doubt claim back from the office supplies budget.

Source: Native Union

Via: Andrew Liszewski