Pocket For iOS 7 Adds Background Syncing, Improved Reading Experience



Pocket has received its big iOS 7 update. The app already looked pretty iOS 7-friendly to begin with, so the design tweaks in today’s update are more subtle. It’s likely that you won’t even notice them on an iOS 7 device. The biggest additions are what Pocket is calling Instant Sync and a more fine-tuned reading experience.

Thanks to iOS 7, the app can now download and sync articles you save in the background, even if it’s not open. That means your queue is always up to date no matter what, and it saves time waiting for articles to download. To enable Instant Sync, you’ll find it under the “Lists” section in “Options.”


When reading, you’ll notice that images are now displayed edge-to-edge for a more immersive effect. The new Article View includes some more options, like the ability to quickly toggle between light, dark, and sephia themes. Font weight and size can be easily adjusted, and the app has a new hyphenation engine (the first of its kind) to make text look native instead of awkwardly spaced.


Instapaper still has more options to tinker with, but Pocket continues to prove that it can cater effectively to the masses. Today’s update is an excellent evolution of the Pocket app. You can get it now in the App Store.