Rugged 12,000mAh Battery Pack Is Waterproof, Adventure-Proof



Juicy external battery packs are definitely the way to go for the globetrotting nerd – I have had my bacon saved a few times by the 12,000mAh battery pack I carry with me on trips – they’re not only good for the iPhone, but the iPad min, a Kindle, and even USB bike lights (this is the best unknown use for these chargers).

But you know what would be even better? A ruggedized, waterproof battery pack. And – surprise – that’s exactly what I’m just about to tell you about.

It’s called the PowerPak Xtreme and it’s made by NewTrent. Weighing in at nine or eleven ounces (depending on which page of the specs you read), the 12,000mAh pack has two USB ports (one one Amp and one two Amp) and a microUSB port for charging the pack itself. It takes an amazing 11 hours to fill up, but once done it’ll juice your phone over and over for a week.

The box itself can be dropped and dunked in water (three feet deep for up to an hour) without feeling a thing, and costs just $60.

In all then, it’s a fantastic deal, and it even has a little handle so you can hang it off the back of your backpack or bike or wherever. Available now.

Source: New Trent
Thanks: Valerie