Scott Forstall & iOS 6 Morph Into Jony Ive & His iOS 7 Masterpiece [GIF]



In just a few short days, everyone’s iPhone is going to look a hell of a lot different now that Scott Forstall’s felt and wood grain reign is coming to an end. To celebrate rise of Sir Jony Ive’s flat and parallax world, GadgetLove created one of the most incredible iOS 6 vs iOS 7 comparison GIFs we’ve ever seen. The best part is staring at Forstall’s shrinking smile as Jony’s designer scowl quickly morphs in and out.

Source: Gadget Love

  • Adrayven

    It amazes me how much hate people can give for something as stupid as a visual queue in an os.

  • Harvey Lubin

    Looking at the animation, it’s easy to see the new app button icons are more discernible with less complex design, better contrast, no “shine” effect, and enlarging some of the inner icons. The new iOS 7 icons communicate more efficiently and effectively the apps that they represent.

    As much as some people can’t stand change, and complain loudly about the new design, in practical and objective terms, Jony Ive has improved the design greatly!

  • wgfinley

    It’s amazing how people think it was all Forstall. As I recall it was Steve who was the biggest fan of skeumorphism.

  • TheMartinDobson

    I… Couldn’t… Stop… Watching.

  • koban4max81

    i have admit..even though i haven’t tried ios7 yet..(meaning i’m not a developer) and got pretty tired with the current iOS, i’m actually somewhat excited to try this new ios out…

  • Hyvelez

    How can people prefer flat boring design over glossy and elegant skeuomorphism design?