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Myst-like The Room Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]


The Room

Evan loved it, which made us want to try it. And try The Room we did, finding it to be a gorgeous, brain-engaging, Myst-like exploration of the puzzle genre, with some amazing 3D mind-benders to solve.

Here’s our video showing us solving the third chapter; we’ve condensed it a bit so that you’ll still have to do your own puzzle solving, though.

With an amazingly beautiful visual look and a pretty spectacular soundtrack that’s by turns ominous and inviting (which is a creepy combination in itself), The Room has made the transition from computer game to mobile device brilliantly, and it feels like it was made for a touchscreen. Zooming in with a double tap, swiping the puzzle boxes around in a 360-degree arc–it all feels so perfectly tactile.

We want more of this amazing game, and developer Fireproof games has already added an Epilogue, giving us a few more precious moments in their world. While the game is short; it’s a fantastic experience that can be enjoyed by gamers of all stripe.

That’s why we’ve named The Room our iOS Game of the Week.

Oh, and if you’d like us to do a video walkthrough of The Room? Let us know in the comments below; we’d be glad to oblige.