The iPhone 5C Is (Still) Available For Preorder, September 20th Delivery Guaranteed


Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 6.58.50 AM

Hey kids! Overslept your alarm like we did? Well, don’t despair: the iPhone 5C is still available for pre-order, and still will deliver by next Friday, September 20th.

Available now on Apple’s official site, the iPhone 5C is still available for September 20th delivery in white, red, yellow, blue and green, in both 16GB and 32GB versions, on any carrier you’d like to name.

On AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, the 16GB iPhone 5C will run you $99, while the 32GB version will run you $199. If you want an iPhone that will run on T-Mobile, though, it’ll cost you (at least if you order through Apple): the device starts at $549 unlocked for the 16GB version.

The iPhone 5c is available for preorder now in more countries than the U.S., too, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

This go-around, Apple seems to be able to handle the demand for the iPhone 5c. It’s no surprise, really. Since they are really just the iPhone 5’s guts in a plastic shell, Apple must have made a ton of these things: they have had a year to get the manufacturing process down pat.

Similarly, I think the people who tend to crush Apple’s servers on launch tend to be the bleeding-edge early adopters. The iPhone 5c is essentially a year-old phone: it’s not for early adopters. Just watch… the iPhone 5S, which isn’t taking preorders, is going to be a truly epic Apple launch, and draw huge crowds.

  • tool022611

    No suprise here, I don’t see this phone selling out. Most iPhone lovers, at least in the us, will wait for the flagship iPhone. I myself will not be upgrading. If rumors come true that apple will be releasing a bigger screen iPhone 6 in the first half of 2014, I will upgrade then. (Depending on how big the screen is) as of now my 5 is plenty good still. Although the 64 bit is tempting.

  • gettysburg11s

    I pre-ordered an iPhone 5C without a problem early this morning (a green one on AT&T). I do love my iPhone 5, but I what I don’t like about it is that it does not feel that great in the hand. Its actually hard to hold without a case. The 5C, from what I have read, is very easy to hold, and a little extra weight and thickness are a good thing in this case. In fact, the 5C doesn’t even need a case!

  • DJBabyBuster

    More people downgrading from a 5 to a 5c….it boggles the mind.