The ChargeKey Might Be The Smallest Lightning Charger Possible



If iPhone 5 chargers keep getting smaller at the same rate, soon the whole thing will fit inside the Lightning hole like some kind of USB-powered suppository. For now, though, you’ll have to settle for the still impressively small ChargeKey, a teeny tiny USB-to-Lightning adapter that – yes – hooks onto a keyring.

Smaller even than the credit-card sized chargers we’ve seen in the past, the ChargeKey almost could’t be any smaller without being useless. The Lightning end is fixed to the body of the key, while the USB end is hinged so you can at least find an angle to plug the thing in. And the keychain grabbing part is an open hook rather than a closed hole for easy removal.

This isn’t going to help you when you need to plug the iPhone into a foreign wall socket in an emergency – it’s just too short to be practicable – but for charging in a MacBook’s USB port it’s ideal.

The little ChargeKey can be pre-ordered right now, with shipping scheduled for November 30th. It costs $25.

Source: Nomad

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    $25 ?!!! Jeez feck!