Key Shareholder Carl Icahn Buys More Apple Stock Following iPhone 5c, 5s Unveiling



Despite the fact that Apple’s stock value has taken a more than 5% dip since the company’s unveiling of the iPhone 5c and 5s yesterday, key shareholder and billionaire investor Carl Icahn has bought “quite a bit more” stock today.

In an interview with CNBC, Icahn described AAPL as a “no-brainer” and repeatedly insisted that now is the time to buy.

Icahn, who has always been very vocal about his investments, publicly announced that he had bought a large share in Apple stock last month. At the time, he said that Apple was incredibly “undervalued,” and he’s obviously sticking to that mantra.

One of the most exciting developments with Apple’s finances to Icahn is the company’s share buyback program. He has met with Tim Cook personally, and he probably has a good idea of what the future holds.

Source: CNBC