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Apple Removes iCloud Keychain From iOS 7 GM



Apple seeded the iOS 7 GM to developers yesterday, and while it didn’t have any major new features – unless you cream your pants at the mention of new wallpapers and ringtones – Apple actually removed one of iOS 7’s most anticipated features from the beta: iCloud Keychain.

iOS 7 beta testers were given access to iCloud Keychain since the very first beta build, but the feature is inexplicably missing, even though Apple still lists it among the new features in iOS 7. iCloud Keychain can store and generate passwords for iOS users, as well as automatically fill out forms in iOS apps, making for a more convenient experience for users with tons of accounts, passwords, credit cards and other info to remember.

Apple added iCloud Keychain to OS X Mavericks beta builds this summer as well, but the feature is still available for Mac users. The iOS 7 feature page on still lists iCloud Keychain as one of the key new features for iOS 7, but as “coming soon” tag has been added to the iCloud Keychain promo section.

A reason for the feature’s removal from the iOS 7 GM hasn’t been given, but it could be that Apple is waiting until Mavericks is ready for launch later this Fall to launch iCloud Keychain on iOS 7, so that the feature can be used to its fullest on both devices at the same time.