BikeConsole, A Ruggedized iPhone Bike Case With Built-In Battery



UPDATE [We said the case is available for the iPhone 5, which it isn’t.]

BikeConsole addresses the single biggest problem with using your iPhone as your in-bike computer: battery life. The iPhone clearly makes for an awesome brain for your bike, with maps, GPS and all manner of bike and fitness apps available, but leaving it running up there with the GPS and screen burning is a great way to kill your battery, fast.

So the BikeConsole does the obvious thing: it adds a battery.

The BikeConsole packs an 1,100mAh battery into its ruggedized, shock-resistant, weatherproof body, giving less than a full charge but probably more than enough to complete even a day-long ride (the iPhone 5’s battery holds around 1,400mAh).

It mounts onto any handlebar or stem setup and comes with a ton of accessories so you can charge either the iPhone 5 or the heavy, uglier 4/S (the supplied cables curl up in a little gap under the iPhone), and there’s even a hole at the back so you can take pictures on your ride (or POV videos I guess).

How much? $70, which is about right for a combo battery case and bike mount. Available now.

Source: Bike2Power