Swipe Your Way To Better Results In The Google Maps App [iOS Tips]


Google Maps Swipe

While I still use Apple’s own Maps app from time to time, mostly because it’s built in to iOS, I tend to prefer Google Maps more. It just feels more complete, though that’s just my own opinion; I haven’t done any scientific analysis or comparison.

That said, the Google Maps app is pretty darn great, and there’s a couple of hidden features you can access with just a swipe (and maybe a tap or two). Here they are.

Multiple Locations
First up, launch the Google Maps app (you’ll need to download it if it’s not already on your iPhone) and search for a location.

When you search for a coffee shop, for example, there may be many of them in your general area. This is especially true if you’re living in or visiting an urban area. If the first location that pops up after your search in Google Maps, simply swipe to the left along the bottom of the map, where the name of your location shows up. Google Maps will switch to the next closest location to you, and helpfully put a little marker on the map as well.

Extra Data
Now, notice the little icon in the lower left? It looks like a folder tab sticking out from the left-hand side of your iPhone screen. Swipe that one to the right, and a whole new set of data shows up. Tap the Traffic icon to include traffic data on your map: red for heavy traffic, green for light, and yellow for something in between.

Tap the Public Transit icon to see bus and subway routes, the Bicycling tab for publick use bike lanes and trails, the Satellite icon to see real-world pictures on your map, or tap Google Earth to open your location in that pretty amazing app, as well.

Now, at least, you can use your Google Maps app to better find where you want to go. Hooray!

Source: App Store