Use Safari To Create Your Own Web-Based Dashboard Widgets [OS X Tips]


Safari Widget

Poor Dashboard widgets. They seem so sad, sitting there, their vast potential wasted by a lack of any good ones.

Luckily, our friends over at OS X Daily have pointed out a pretty slick way to roll your own using Safari. Who knew?

Here’s how to make your own darn widgets in OS X with nothing more than a copy of Safari and any web page you want to keep track of.

Launch Safari and find a web page with stuff on it that you want to track, like an eBay auction or Etsy item. Once the page is loaded, head up to the File menu and choose Open in Dashboard.

A purple bar will drop down along with a re-sizable area that you can move around to fit whatever portion of the web page you want to pay attention to via a widget. Once you’ve selected the area you want, hit the Add button in the upper right.

Your Mac will launch Dashboard and open the new clip in its own widget, which will then be available whether you have Safari open or not. Pretty cool, right?

Via: OS X Daily