PocketPlug Case Adds Power Prongs To The iPhone



PRONGGGG! That’s the name of the company that makes the clevertastic PocketPlug, an iPhone case that comes with a built-in charger so you can just flip out its prongs and stick them into the nearest available wall socket.

The idea is a sound one – who wants to carry an extra charger with them when they could just flip two flimsy U.S-style prongs out the back of their case instead? But the reality is limited by the laws of physics, and the circuitry needed to make it work adds bulk, making this a rather chunky case. And unlike the tiny iPhone charger, which can be kept in a bag until needed, this charger has to be kept on your phone all the time, fattening it up like a battery case, only without the independence a battery brings.

But hey, at least it isn’t made to fit into a UK power socket. In that case, the PocketPlug would likely be as big as one of those ballistic nylon laptop cases that businessmen used to lug their Dell’s around in back in the early oughts.

Want one? It’ll cost you $70.

Source: Prong