OS X 10.9 Mavericks Won’t Ship Until Late October



Apple has been hard at work on OS X Mavericks, even though it’s pushing to meet its deadline for iOS 7, and while many Apple fans were hoping the next Mac operating system might launch shortly after next week’s iPhone keynote, a new report claims Apple won’t ship OS X Mavericks until October.

Some Apple fans assumed Mavericks is close to launch now that it’s already in its 7th Developer Preview, but AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski confirmed an earlier report from 9to5Mac that Apple is holding off on the Mavericks launch until late October, as the company has focused its resources on meeting the iOS 7 launch date in a few weeks.

A firm launch date for Mavericks hasn’t been given, though it’s possible Apple will release it after its Q4 earnings call, as was the case the past two years with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.7 Lion . Apple is also expected to launch new Macs based on Intel’s new Haswell processors, so it could be that the company is also waiting to have new hardware to launch alongside the operating system.


Source: AllThingsD



  • CoyoteDen

    10.9 DP7 runs like a charm on my 15″ RMBP. I’ve seen people having trouble with clean installs. The trick is to NOT do a clean install! Always upgrade or do a clean install of 10.8 followed by upgrade to 10.9.

    Why do an upgrade? Because the 10.9 DP installer does not create a recovery partition! Without a recovery partition things like FileVault and restoring the whole disk from a TM backup won’t work. After installing 10.9, Software Update will download the 10.9 recovery partition updater, but you have to have an existing recovery partition for it to show up.

  • MarcWilson73

    I don’t mind waiting a bit longer for Mavericks. My priority is to get iOS 7 onto my iPhone 5 and then onto my iPad mini.