Apple Invites Media To Second iPhone Event In Beijing On September 11



You wait weeks for an invite to an Apple event, and then two come along at once. Shortly after the company invited the media to its September 10 shindig in Cupertino, it sent out invitations to a second event in Beijing on September 11. It’s the first time Apple has made an announcement in China, so it must be for something pretty special — but what?

Well, we have some ideas.

Apple is expected to unveil the low-cost iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S, and it’s thought this model will be predominantly aimed at emerging markets — such as China. The device will be made of plastic and it will feature older internal components, giving Apple an opportunity to increase its market share in countries where the expensive high-end iPhone hasn’t been selling so well.

But if this second event is for the iPhone 5C, we may not see the device on September 10; after all, why would Apple need to announce it twice? This suggests that the device may not be available in more established markets like America and parts of Europe — at least initially.

But it seems more likely that the Beijing event won’t be to announce a new device, but rather a lucrative new partnership with China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier. Despite being six years old, the iPhone has never been available on China Mobile, and yet its more than 740 million subscribers could be a massive avenue of growth for Apple.

Recent reports have suggested that the Cupertino company’s next-generation iPhones will finally have support for China Mobile’s unique TD-LTE network, finally making a partnership between the two companies a possibility.

Last month, China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua confirmed that the company was “actively negotiating” with Apple, and that “both sides are keen” to reach a deal. He also noted, however, that “there are still some commercial and technology issues that need time to resolve.”

Well, it seems those issues may have been ironed out now. We’ll find out for certain on September 11 when Apple kicks off its press event in Beijing at 10 a.m. local time.

Via: The Next Web

  • murdocke

    Actively Negotiation are we?

  • mexkhmer

    Could it be possible that Apple is also planning to launch iTunes music store in China along with the iPhone 5C?

  • kapil833

    The time difference between both the events is just 15hrs so they will have different people addressing both the events..