SimCity On Mac Is Looking Like Another EA Launch Disaster


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When SimCity launched for the PC earlier this year, it was a total debacle. Huge swathes of players could not actually play the game they’d purchased at launch, because SimCity perversely required a persistent Internet connection to play. The result was that players experienced long loading times, constant disconnections, crashing and the loss of saved game data. It was such a bad launch that Amazon actually stopped selling SimCity temporarily in response to the criticisms.

Yesterday, SimCity for the Mac launched. And surprise, surprise! The Mac launch is turning out to be just as much of a disaster as the PC one!

Over on the official EA Forums, Mac gamers are posting hundreds of messages expressing their frustrations trying to get the game to work. These problems range from having a hard time connecting to the central server to the game being impossible to install.

In addition, performance is reportedly atrocious. Even Retina MacBook Pros and top-of-the-line iMacs can’t run it well, and many users are constantly being forced to play the game in a small window, since SimCity won’t let them play fullscreen.

Just as they did with the PC launch problems, Maxis and EA are shrugging off the problems as isolated, telling TUAW: “There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac. Our live team is working individually with our players to resolve their issues and get them into the game as quickly as possible.”

The truth is, though, that after failing so spectacularly when launching the game on the PC side of things, there’s no excuse for these kinds of problems when launching months later on the Mac. Hopefully Maxis and EA will reconsider the requirement for a persistent internet connection for future games.

Source: TUAW

  • Howie Isaacks

    What a shame. I was looking forward to buying this. I’m just glad that I did my research first. I guess I will just stick with my old Sim City on my SNES. It’s really pathetic that they couldn’t make this work. They delayed the release because of problems, so I guess all of their developers just did nothing for the past few months. Do they not do QA on their own products?

  • iFan41

    I have had no problems with my version on Mac or PC. I would attribute this to user error and outdated machines. I thought I might have a graphics issue until I realized the game didn’t pick resolution automatically. Once I changed that…it was flawless.

  • Bazza1

    Too bad. Another old favourite I won’t bother with in its new reincarnation.

    The whole point behind ‘personal computers’ (be they Mac or Windows) was that a user had all of their programs and files on their own device and didn’t just have a dumb terminal needing to rely on the vagaries of the connection to a distant mainframe. Now users are expected (even for games) to use their own bandwidth (that they are paying for) to connect to a 3rd Party mainframe – when it hasn’t crashed – to operate a program that the user has bought – uh, sorry, leased.

    Anyone see a problem with that?

  • MacWorksMPLS

    Hmm. I downloaded and installed yesterday to my rMBP and haven’t experienced any of the issues mentioned. It plays full screen, it connected to the server no problem … the only issue I have is that it froze up on me a couple times over the course of several hours. I was forced to force-quit the game, but when I relaunched not much work was lost. It’s of course annoying that it’s freezing, but beyond that it’s been okay for me.