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‘Bang With Friends’ Returns To App Store As ‘Down’ After 3-Month Hiatus


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Bang With Friends has returned to the App Store after a three-month hiatus. The app has shifted its tone and is now called “Down,” a name which still needs little explanation.

BWF has had problems staying in the App Store since its initial release earlier this year. Apple banned the app shortly after it became available in May, forcing the its creators to rebrand it into something a tad tamer.

The old Bang With Friends welcome screen
The old Bang With Friends welcome screen.

The anonymous hookup vibe is still there, but the verbiage has been changed to make the app feel less adult. Once you connect with Facebook, you can browse your friends and choose to “hang” first or just go straight to getting “down.”

As a social network, BWF claims to have over one million users, although being off the App Store all summer has likely hurt user growth (no pun intended).

Bang With Friends is still the official name for the Android version, which Steve Jobs would probably appreciate since he thought Android was for viewing porn anyway. On the opposite side of the fence, Apple’s stance on sensitive content in apps (like the concept of adults wanting to have consensual sex) remains as muddled as ever.

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