Best Buy Offers Half Off iPhone 5 In New Trade-In Deal


Half off ain't half bad.

Best Buy is now offering 50% off an iPhone 5 (16G or 32G) for customers who bring in a working iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S this weekend. The retailer announced that the deal, which requires a two year activation, starts tomorrow and will last through Monday.

The deal includes a guaranteed $100 credit on the iPhone 5 16G model, with a minimum of $150 off the 32G model, when an eligible iPhone 4 or 4S is traded in.

With the 16G model regularly coming in at $199 and the 32G model typically retailing for $299, that’s a significant deal for trade in customers, though the two year contract automatically kills any chance of upgrading to the rumored iPhone 5S or 5C at a subsidized price.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone 5 models in the next couple of weeks, so the Best Buy deal makes sense as a stock-clearing business move. If you’re in the market for an about-to-be-old-news iPhone 5 for a significantly reduced price, this Best Buy deal may be your best bet.

Source: CNET