Rapidly Mutating iblazr LED iDevice Flash Now Works With DSLRs Too



The dizzying pace of iblazr‘s evolution has been difficult to keep up with over the last month.

It started out as an iDevice flash with four Cree-made LEDs that plugs into the 3.5mm jack. Then it gained a diffuser, and a short while later its designers added a reflective backing and redesigned the lens over the LEDs.

Now, the little flash has a cold-shoe adapter that’ll allow it to be mounted onto a DSLR.

Since it’s a cold-shoe adapter, the iblazr won’t sync with a DSLR like it will with iOS apps — which means the iblazr will function as a constant light source and  probably drain the battery pretty quickly. Still, it’s a welcome extra feature for iblazr owners who want to use the little guy for some quick-and-dirty DSLR video work.

Backers who’ve already popped for an iblazr at $39 on Kickstarter can pick up the adapter for an extra $8; it comes included with iblazrs at $47 and above.

Source: iblazr