Blackbar, A Text-Based iOS Game About ██████████


But, but...where are the explodey bits?
But, but...where are the explodey bits?

A plain text adventure for the iPhone? That’s right. A plain text adventure with a bunch of the words covered up with black censorship bars? ██████ A!

It’s called ████████, and it comes from Neven Mrgan and James Moore.

Blackbar starts out with censored letters sent between you and somebody called Vi. You have to type the missing words into the blanks to move to the next screen, but the game quickly gets more puzzling, and you have to solve riddles to move on.

I’ve only gotten past the first few screens so far, but already it seems like the perfect iPhone game — quick to pick up, and with no penalties for getting things wrong. You just can’t progress until you get things right.

Right now things are starting to get a little ██████████, and I’m having trouble putting the game ████, but I’m sure I’ll ███████ soon.

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