Haswell MacBook Pros On Track To Ship In September [Report]



A couple months back, Apple updated the MacBook Air line with Intel’s new, power-sipping Haswell processors, leading to a doubling of battery life across their lineup of ultraportables. No joke, Haswell’s like a miracle: my MacBook Air gets better battery life than my iPad these days.

Despite the fact that Haswell’s such an incredible boon to battery life, Apple still hasn’t rolled it out to the MacBook Pro line. A new report suggests that will change in September.

According to a new report by Hong Kong-based supply chain monitor, EMSOne, Taiwanese manufacturers have started shipping components for new MacBook Pros based on Haswell to assembly plants.

So what to expect from a Haswell MacBook Pro? First of all, expect better battery life: 13-inch MacBook Airs got a five hour boost in battery life under Haswell, while 11-inch Airs got four hours. A Haswell MacBook Pro, even one driving a Retina display, will get a boost of at least a few hours of battery life. Not bad.

As far as sheer clockspeed, you’re not going to see a major performance jump in Haswell. However, Haswell-based MacBook Pros are expected to see a major graphics leap thanks to the inclusion of Iris Pro 5200 GPU, Intel’s own top-of-the-line integrated graphics chip meant to compete with NVIDIA and AMD’s discrete GPUs. That means that the new MacBook Pros should be able to hold off on gearing up their discrete GPUs even under relatively graphics-heavy tasks, further saving battery life.

If these rumors are right, it sounds like we can expect at least one other small announcement at the September 10th Apple event.

Source: EMSOne

  • Adrayven

    I’m expecting October, I think they are holding off on Retina Pro to co-inside with the Mac Pro. I think this is the case because they would want to include the Thunderbolt 2 in the Pro line of the Macbooks. It’s a performance laptop, it should have the same performance ports as the Mac Pro.. just not nearly as many.

    I seriously doubt they would release the Retina Macbook Pro w/o TB2..

    Now they might do the standard Macbook Pro line in sept.. I just find it hard to believe they would hold off on Mac Pro for TB2, then not do same for rMBP…

  • DrM47145

    I’ve been waiting for this.

    Hopefully, before the end of the year, I’ll upgrade my 15″MBP, my iPad2 and my iPhone 5.