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The $999.99 Club: These Are The Most Expensive Apps On The App Store


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The most you can charge for an app on the iOS App Store is $999.99. In the early days of the App Store, a number of novelty apps came out, trying to make a quick buck by convincing gullible plutocrats to part with their money in the form of a $1,000 app download. The most notable example is I Am Rich, an iPhone app that literally did nothing except proclaim your affluence.

These days, though, the $999.99 club is made up of legitimate apps. Well, mostly.

The guys over at Top Apps have put together a digital poster (I refuse to call this sort of thing an infographic, and so should you) showing the top 16 most expensive apps on the App Store.

It’s actually an interesting list. The first most expensive app, for example, is VIP Black, a $999.99 app that claims to give owners “VIP treatment — extra-special experiences like complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages, exclusive rates, priority access, and other unique privileges — across iVIP Ltd’s global range of luxury partners and services.” Hilariously, even after dropping $1,000 on the VIP Black app, you’re still required to prove that your net worth is over a million pounds sterling! This smells like a scam to me, but at $999.99, if it is one, it’s a scam aimed specifically at people with more money than sense.

Are all $999.999 apps this fishy, then? Not at all: the second $999.99 app is an app to help law students pass the Bar Exam. Agro, in the meantime, is used by farmers to keep track of their crops. As for MobiGage NDI, it appears to be a $999.99 app aimed at helping manufacturers put together part orders.

From there, the retail value of the remaining apps rapidly trails off to a low of $49.99. There are definitely some fishy-looking apps in the remaining list — a $219.99 virtual snow globe and a $399.99 soccer game amongst them — but what’s surprising to me is how remarkably legit many of these apps appear to be. It’s good to see some people can afford to charge more than $0.99 for their apps.

Here’s the complete poster:


Source: Top Apps



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