Kubxlab’s Excellent AmpJacket, Now For iPad Mini


ampjacket ipad mini

When I reviewed Kubxlab’s Ampjacket for the iPhone back in May, I found it to be excellent. And as I kept on using it after the review (always a good sign), I got to like it even more. Now, the Ampjacket is available for the iPad mini, and I expect it to be even more useful.

The Ampjacket is a flexible rear skin which contains bendy, curvy channels that coax and stretch the sound from the little speakers to make it louder and clearer. Kubxlab claims that it’s twice as loud, and in practice that seems about right: you won’t be powering a party, but you will certainly be listening to podcasts without bothering to hook up an extra speaker.

The signature feature of the Ampjacket is the curved bulge on the back which not only acoustically amplifies the sound, but also makes the iPhone way easier to grip. The iPad mini version doubles up on these plastic swooshes to capture sound from both stereo speakers, and there’s an Apple-revealing hole in the back which doubles as a handle.

I found the case to be great for all of the reasons listed here and in my review, but it has another couple of tricks. First, you can hear your iPhone alerts loud and clear, even when you’re riding a bike through city traffic. And second, it’s actually a pretty tough case, its rubbery material providing quite a bit of protection. Combined with the included wrist strap, it makes for a fantastic go-anywhere case.

The Ampjacket for iPad mini is $40, and comes in a ton of garish and not-so-garish colors.

Source: Kubxlab
Thanks: Heather!