The Quadrapod May Be The GorillaPod’s More Evolved Ancestor




The Keizus Quadrapod device mount looks remarkably like a human form without a head; it’s also similar in form and function to the Joby GorillaPod, leading to inevitable forthcoming comparisons between ape and man whenever the Quadrapod is mentioned.

Anthropological discussions aside, the Quadrapod displays some interesting advantages over its tripedal cousins. Like the GorillaPod, the Quadrapod is a flexible, all-terrain stand for smallish devices. (Joby makes GorillaPods for large-lensed SLRs, but their efficacy in dealing with the weight of a large-lensed SLR is debated.) It has a standard 1/4-inch mount that fits just about all modern video and still photographic hardware, and articulated legs that can be positioned for stability on an uneven surface. It also comes with a clamp that screws into its mount and enables it to hold phones. But instead of three legs, the Quadrapod has four legs articulated with ball-joints.

What makes the Quadrapod even better, Keizus says, is its ability to withstand abuse, thanks to being made from “engineering plastic.” To demonstrate the latter, Keizus operatives attempted to destroy both the Quadrapod and a GorillaPod by running over them with an expensive European sports coupe. The clip doesn’t really reveal information that’s terribly useful; the real test of these types of stands is in their ability of the joints to resist slipping under heavy load (weight), which the video doesn’t address.

But the Quadrapod’s unique ball-joint design means it could accomplish certain tasks well, like attaching to a thin ledge, like an upright laptop screen.

The Quadrapod, with clamp, is $40.

Source: Keizus

  • gazbeirne

    Ancestor? So this came before the GorillaPod, but was more evolved?


  • uhublue

    Yes, Ancestor. You see, the THEORY of evolution is just that – a theory. According to current scientific evidence, it appears more likely that primates ‘evolved’ FROM humans rather than the other way around. Evolutionists love to point out that chimpanzees have 98% counterpart genes as in humans because of their physical similarity yet rarely acknowledge that mice are 99% genetically similar to humans.

    Another interesting scientific fact: All humans living on this planet can trace their ancestral lineage to one single female matriarch. All mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to offspring without recombination, and all mtDNA in every living person is directly descended from hers by definition. Don’t you just love science?