Here’s Why Used Mac Mini’s Hold Their Prices So Well




Ever wondered why you can’t pick up a cheap used Mac Mini? No, me either—I always figured the new ones were already cheap enough.

But the answer is both interesting and unsurprising. Unsurprising, because it’s just down to supply and demand. Interesting because—well, let’s ask some people who really know about selling used Mac Minis: Macminicolo.

Macminicolo is a company that lets you buy or rent an entire Mac Mini and use it as a server at its facility. So the folks there know a thing or two about used prices, as you can see from the graph above.

It boils down to this: Mac Minis are tiny, which means they have a long, useful life tucked away in a closet somewhere. They’re also anonymous, without new model numbers every year like the iPhone and so on. There’s more to it than that, but if I told you everything you’d have no reason to visit the site.

Let’s just say, reading this article has made me want to pick up a Mac Mini. I’ll probably just buy a new one though, as it costs barley more than an old one and does without the previous owners’ germs and fingerprints.

Source: Macminicolo

  • Market_Mayhem

    The last Mac Mini I bought was a refurbished model from Apple which was a quad-core i7 2.3 GHz and 1TB drive with client OSX on it. I have it hooked to my HDTV in the living room and occasionally I’ll use it to watch online movie sites or Youtube movies with captions. It’s very quiet and unobtrusive. I also use it occasionally to encode various video files to .mkv format and it works pretty well for that. The graphics are rather sluggish, though. Maybe if I added more memory it might help but I don’t use it all that much for watching videos because I have a Roku 3 and PLEX for that. It’s a fine little machine for its size and it runs cool even under load.

  • TheMartinDobson

    I just had to replace my old early 2006 Mac Mini for an early 2013 Mini. Actually, it wasn’t a matter of “had to” but more like “wanted to”. My early 2006 Mini was a Core 2 and could only support up to Snow Leopard. It still executed all of my tasks awesomely.

    I can’t even bring myself to get rid of my old Mini. It might just become a media server or an internet machine for my non-tech-savy sister.