Feedly Pro Announced Today, Adds Search, Evernote Support, More


Feedly Pro

Feedly, the company that picked up the Google Reader API, cloned it, and made it available for all and sundry, just announced their first attempt at monetization: Feedly Pro.

Coming in at a very affordable five dollars per month, Feedly Pro gets paying members more features than the standard Feedly, with promises of more to come, sourced from Feedly users themselves.

You won’t be able to upgrade to the $5 per month plan just yet (Feedly says, “this fall”), but if you have a spare $99, you can grab a lifetime Pro membership, limited to the first 5,000 folks that do so.

Just what do you get for your membership fees? Well, you’ll be able to search your Feedly articles right in the browser, something we’ve been personally waiting for since the service debuted. If you open up Feedly today, even without upgrading to Pro, you’ll see a field to search articles. Click in there, and you’ll go to the Feedly Pro page.

The other major pro feature at this time is direct Evernote support, allowing you to send any Feedly entry directly to Evernote. There will also be an encrypted web browsing system, using https, to make sure your browsing is secure, and you’ll get front of the line premium support from Feedly directly.

All in all, some great features that should help power users with their RSS workflow, and the future potential is exciting. It’s great to see Feedly taking steps to enhance and improve upon their already stellar service, and paying them for their time and effort—especially at this nominal price point—seems like a no brainer, and a $99 fee for a lifetime (versus the $45 per year) is a solid deal, assuming Feedly will be around for more than a couple of years.

We’ve asked Feedly whether these features will be enabled for third-parties using Feedly as their RSS service; we’ll update as soon as we hear back.

Source: Feedly Pro