Little Innovations For Your iPhone And Mac That Can Go A Long Way [Deals]


CoM - Cablekeeps

The big upgrades you can add to your devices aren’t always going to be the ones that can make the biggest difference in how much you get out of them. It’s often the little innovations that can really change the way you use them. One example would be the much-talked about Tile, which goes beyond the iDevices we have and will serve to help us keep tabs on a slew of our personal belongings.

When focusing on little innovations for iDevices, Cablekeeps are a great example of an add-on you can use with your iPhone iPod, or iPad that does something small that can mean a lot more – like getting cable clutter out of your way. Cablekeeps allow you to wrap up the excess cord onto your Apple power adapter so that the unsightly extra length of cord gets wrapped up quickly and neatly for those moments when you want to grab and go everything you’ll need to charge those iDevices of yours. As a frequent traveler, this little innovation can be a big help in keeping the cable clutter down and ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep powered when you take your iPhone on the road. If you want to get one of these – available in orange, light blue, or green – Cult of Mac Deals has them going for only $12.99 right now.

Actually, Cult of Mac Deals has several “little innovations” that will help you get even more out of your devices – but these offers are wrapping up soon:

  • Mac Blu-ray Player: If you’ve got an external Blu-ray player, you can finally play movies in this format on your Mac. With this innovation, your Mac becomes a movie house anytime you want! Get it for only $30 here.
  • The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit: With this little device, you can put an end to “station frustration” once and for all. You’ll finally be able to listen to what you want through your iDevices during your daily commute or on those long road trips. It’s available for only $19 here.
  • The 3-In–1 Lens Kit: If you’ve ever wanted to take your iPhoneography to the next level, this lens kit will help you do just that. Get a macro, fisheye, and wide-angle lens all in one package, and take this little innovation anywhere you take your iPhone to get even better photos. You can pick it up for just $24 here.

Cult of Mac Deals has lots of little innovations available at price tags that won’t break your bank. So add some value to your devices now – and sign up below to get notice when new offers arrive. That way you can get a “heads up” when the next little innovation goes on sale!