FileMaker Announces The End Of Bento For Mac & iOS


  • thedavidbeach

    Disappointed ? No. Why ? Because an awesome product is no longer supported and the solution is to try a lesser quality system ? I LOVE it when a product I have used for years is upgraded to a new app that doesn’t have the same functionality and look. It makes my day! Perhaps now I can take all my dvds and try to cram them into a new vhs machine… should be great!

  • janetdane

    The last time my Bento database broke (and it’s happened 3 or 4 times) I went to their forum to find out how to fix it. After much stupid effort and with the help of the Mac’s Time Machine I restored some of it. Their support team handled these broken Bento databases by offering to have you upload the file to them, have them fix it and get back to you. That told me that this was not a reliable product. I spent the next week rebuilding my client database in a different way, one that could be accessed by anyone with a text editor. I cry no tears for the loss of Bento. It always looked good and when it worked it was great. But I just needed it to work and it did not.

  • user2013

    sad to see bento go, looking for alternatives?? will post later if I come across adequate products.