Apple Cuts Refurbished Apple TV Down To $75



Apple has reduced the price of the refurbished Apple TV to $75. That’s $10 cheaper than its original price tag, and $24 cheaper than a brand new model. It’s believed the drop may have been made in response to the Google Chromecast, which has been selling fast since it went on sale last week for just $35.

The Chromecast is a little different to the Apple TV, but it does share a lot of the same functionality, including the ability to stream content from mobile devices to your TV. What’s more, unlike the Apple TV, the Chromecast supports both Android and iOS devices — not just those made by Apple.

This makes it a very attractive device for those who don’t use Apple products exclusively, particularly at just $35.

It’s possible, then, that the refurbished Apple TV has been reduced in an effort to be more competitive. Or the reduction could simply be a coincidence; Apple isn’t usually too interested in being competitive when it comes to pricing, and it firmly believes you get what you pay for.

The reduction may also signal the launch of a new Apple TV this fall. Apple is expected to refresh a number of product lines in the coming months, and its set-top box, which was last updated in March 2012, could be one of them. If that’s the case, Apple could be looking to clear its inventory of refurbished models before the new one goes on sale.

Source: Apple

Via: AppleBitch