How To Delete A Podcast Episode Right From The Podcast App On Your Device [iOS Tips]


Delete Podast Episodes

Deleting individual episodes from the Podcasts app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is fairly easy if you’re a longtime iOS user. If not, then it might not be as intuitive.

Here’s how to get to, and then delete, individual podcast episodes from your iOS device of choice.

First, you’ll need some podcast episodes downloaded to your iOS device, at least one. Launch the Podcasts app, and tap on the My Podcasts tab at the bottom of the iPad screen.

If you’re in icon view, you’ll see all your subscriptions as squares on the screen. Tap one of the big squares to go to the podcast with an episode you’d like to delete.

Once you see the list of individual episodes, simply swipe left across the episode’s title. You’ll see a red Delete button show up. Tap that to, well, delete the episode. Do this for each episode you want to delete.

If you want to delete a whole podcast, you’re really just wanting to unsubscribe. Tap the big square podcast icon again, and tap into Settings. Tap the Subscription toggle to OFF.

Hopefully, this will help the reader above, as well as those of you who haven’t known who to ask.

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