Ashton Kutcher Could Go From Playing Steve Jobs To Shilling Cheap Windows PCs [Rumor]



After playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming bio-pic, Jobs, what’s next for Ashton Kutcher? Betraying the very spirit of the icon he just portrayed by shilling Windows PCs, of course.

That timeless rag of gossipy muckraking, The New York Post, reports:

Ashton Kutcher is continuing to rake in the dough. We’re told the “Jobs” star is close to inking a $10 million endorsement deal with computer company Lenovo, which will include him appearing in a number of ads. Kutcher is no stranger to posing pretty with technology, acting as the face of Nikon since 2009. In April, rumors arose that the relationship soured when Kutcher asked for double his multimillion-dollar salary, with reps for Nikon denying a split.

This is just a rumor, but it’s as savvy a business move on Lenovo’s part as it is a cynical cash grab on Kutcher’s. What’s the next best thing for Lenovo short of having their own Steve Jobs? Hiring the guy who played him in a movie to shill their laptops, of course.

Source: New York Post