Apple Buying HopStop, A Service That Specializes In Transit Directions



Apple is buying HopStop, a small company that specializes in transit directions, according to Bloomberg. Google Maps offers built-in transit directions while Apple Maps does not, so this acquisition makes perfect sense if Apple wants to makes its mapping solution more attractive.

HopStop can give directions for walking, biking, taking the subway, or just plain driving in over 500 cities. 140 areas in the U.S. are supported, and the service is also available in six other countries. The HopStop iOS app is currently in the top ten list of navigation tools in the App Store.

Earlier today it was reported that Apple bought Locationary, a small startup that crowdsources location data. Multiple mapping-related acquisitions reveal how serious Apple is about improving Maps.

Update: Apple has confirmed the acquisition to AllThingsD.

Source: Bloomberg

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